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Title[Chaucer, Geoffrey] The New Chaucer Society
Editor[President] Strohm, Paul
[Executive Director] Crane, Susan <>
PublisherEnglish Department - Rutgers University: New Brunswick, US (NJ)
Country (State)United States of America
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KeywordsGeoffrey Chaucer; ca. 1343-1400; Middle English; literature; 14th century; medieval literature; Canterbury Tales
Description"The purpose of The New Chaucer Society is to provide a forum for teachers and scholars of Geoffrey Chaucer and his age. To advance such study, the Society organizes biennial international congresses of Chaucerians, publishes the annual "Studies in the Age of Chaucer" and a semi-annual newsletter, and supports a number of research projects. Membership in The New Chaucer Society is open to all persons interested in the study of Chaucer and his age." The website offers information about the society, its members, a CFP list, Chaucerian resources, and an on-line Chaucer bibliography.
Source TypeOrganizations and Societies; Author-Specific Sites
Subject ClassMiddle English Language and Literature
GOKIAD 220; IAD 620; IAD 662
DDC821.1 A; 821.1 D; 821.1 G; t1:090 23; t2:42
BK18.05; 17.98; 17.04
LCSHNew Chaucer Society--Web sites.
Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400 --Criticism and interpretation--Web sites.
Authors, English--Middle English, 1100-1500--History and criticism--Web sites.
Authors, English--Middle English, 1100-1500--Bibliography--Web sites.
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelpopular; undergraduate; graduate; professional
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