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Title[Chaucer, Geoffrey] Chaucer MetaPage
Editor[Editorial Team] Chaucer MetaPage Editors <>
PublisherThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Chapel Hill, US (NC)
Country (State)United States of America
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KeywordsGeoffrey Chaucer; ca. 1343-1400; Middle English; literature; 14th century; medieval literature; virtual library; metapage; Canterbury Tales
Description"The Chaucer MetaPage was initiated at the 33rd International congress of Medieval Studies by a group of medievalists interested in promoting Chaucer studies on the WWW. Its aims are to organize and provide navigation aids for Chaucer resources on the WWW, to work towards enhancing and extending those resources, and to encourage Chaucer studies, including those undertaken via 'distance learning,' at all levels of education." The MetaPage is a special subject virtual library on all aspects of Chaucer's life and work.
Source TypeSpecial Subject Virtual Library; Author-Specific Sites
Subject ClassMiddle English Language and Literature
GOKIAD 620; IAD 662
DDC821.1 A; 821.1 B; 821.1 D; 821.1 L; t1:090 23; t2:42
BK18.05; 17.98
LCSHChaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400 --Criticism and interpretation--Web sites.
Authors, English--Middle English, 1100-1500--Biography--Web sites.
Authors, English--Middle English, 1100-1500--Bibliography--Web sites.
England--Civilization--1066-1485--Web sites.
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelpopular; undergraduate; graduate; professional
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