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Title[Malcolm X] Malcolm X: A research site
Editor[Editor] Alkalimat, Abdul <>
PublisherAfricana Studies - University of Toledo: Toledo, US (OH)
Country (State)United States of America
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KeywordsMalcolm X; Malcolm Little; 1925-1965 ; American; literature; author; 20th century; black; leader; preacher
Description"This web page is designed to be a resource for scholarship in Black Studies and the political development of activists in the Black Liberation Movement. Malcolm X: A Research Site has been developed in the spirit of Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility, intending to make a contribution toward preserving the radical Black tradition. We are interested in growing this site based on mass participation. Please join us. We are establishing this page with basic information about Malcolm X: his experience - CHRONOLOGY, his intellectual production - WORDS, his reflection in cyberspace - WEBLIOGRAPHY, and a STUDY GUIDE."
Source TypeAuthor-Specific Sites
Subject ClassAmerican Literature: Author and Work: Life and Work; American Literature: Author and Work: Prose
GOKIC 620; IC 666
DDC815.54 A; 815.54 B; 815.54 D; 815.54 L; 816.54 A; 816.54 B; 816.54 D; 815.54 L; 814.54 A; 814.54 B; 814.54 D; 814.54 L; t1:090 45; t2:73; t5:969
BK17.98; 18.05
LCSHMalcolm X, 1925-65 --Criticism and interpretation--Web sites.
Authors, American--20th century--History and criticism--Web sites.
Authors, American--20th century--Biography--Web sites.
Authors, American--20th century--Bibliography--Web sites.
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate; graduate; professional
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