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Title[MacLennan, Hugh] The Hugh MacLennan Papers Online Project
EditorMcKnight, David <>
PublisherMcGill University: CA
Country (State)Canada
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KeywordsHugh MacLennan
DescriptionHugh MacLennan (1907-1990) is one of Canada's most important 20th century writers. From 1951 to 1980, Hugh MacLennan was a faculty member in the English Department at McGill University. The Rare Books and Special Collections Division, is one of two major repositories of MacLennan's papers. McGill's holdings include his correspondence spanning sixty years, key manuscripts and numerous clippings and photographs. At present, the current web site provides students and researchers with access to a searchable list of the McGill holdings and the MacLennan correspondence including a name index.You also find biographical and bibliographical information as well as further links. Future plans for this site include the addition of the full texts of selected manuscripts and correspondence.
Derived fromHomepage of McGill University Libraries
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Subject ClassEnglish Language and Literature in Canada
GOKIBJ 610; IBJ 630
DDC813.5 A; 813.5 B; 813.5 D; 816.5 A; t1:090 4; t2:71
LCSHMacLennan, Hugh, 1907-1990 --Sources--Web sites.
Authors, Canadian--20th century--Biography--Web sites.
Authors, Canadian--20th century--Bibliography--Web sites.
Authors, Canadian--20th century--History and criticism--Web sites.
Authors, Canadian--20th century--Correspondence--Web sites.
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Levelundergraduate; graduate; professional
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