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KeywordsEnglish Literature; Literature; poetry; fiction; drama; 16th century; 17th century; Sidney familiy; Philipp Sidney; Countess of Pembroke; Sir Robert Sidney; Lady Mary Wroth
DescriptionThese pages aim to provide a hub for the online study of writers in the Sidney family. At few times in English literary history have so many members of one family achieved so much. Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) is now rightly celebrated, as he was for much of the seventeenth century, as one of the key figures in the Elizabethan revival of English letters, both as patron and as one of the most talented and original practitioners of that golden age. His sister Mary, Countess of Pembroke (1561-1621) was a major poet and patron in her own right. Although it is only recently that she has benefited from substantial critical attention, her status and importance were unquestioned in her own day. Their younger brother Sir Robert Sidney has only recently emerged as a gifted minor poet his poems were identified in his own autograph manuscript copy in 1973. The writings of his daughter Lady Mary Wroth include a massive and intricate prose romance and a brilliant sonnet sequence.
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