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Title[Birney, Earle] The Earle Birney Web Site
AuthorWill Garrett-Petts:<> (Project Leader): <>
Country (State)Canada
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KeywordsCanadian literature; 20th century Canadian literature; Canadian author; Earle Birney (1904-1995)
DescriptionTwice a recipient of the "Governor General's Award for Literature", Earle Birney (1904-1995) is one of Canada's finest writers. This web site offers an introduction to some of that writing--especially the social and critical history of that writing. The site features a collection of essays and reviews provided by the National Library of Canada. This site also provides a digital archive and multimedia display: a brief biography and selected bibliography, manuscript drafts of one of Birney's most famous poems, stories and opinions about Birney, an interactive quiz etc..
Source TypeAuthor-Specific Sites; Completed Bibliographies of Special Subjects
Subject ClassEnglish Language and Literature in Canada
GOKIBJ 610; IBJ 620; IBJ 630; IBJ 668
BK18.07; 17.98
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate; graduate
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