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TitleLiteratur in Wissenschaft und Unterricht (LWU)
EditorWalter T. Rix (managing editor): <>
PublisherVerlag Königshausen & Neumann GmbH, Germany: <>
LanguageEnglish; German
Country (State)Germany
Format of datatext/html; image/gif
KeywordsLiterature; English literature; German literature; interdisciplinary literary studies; literature in English; literature in German; book reviews; analyses; textual interpretation; close reading; interpretation of plays; interpretation of poems; interpretation of short stories; literary criticism;
DescriptionLITERATUR in Wissenschaft und Unterricht (LWU) is a literary quaterly published in March, June, September and December under the auspicies of the English Department at the University of Kiel, Germany. It is devoted to literature in the English and German languages. In addition to a detailed review of research and criticism on a specific author or subject and a section of book reviews and review notes, each issue containes analyses of a play, a novel, a poem (or a short story) together with articles on an individual author or a literary period. Special emphasis is placed on textual interpretation and close reading.
Source TypeJournals
Subject ClassEnglish Literature: Literature and Society; English Literature: Anthologies by Literary Type
GOKIA 521; IA 430
BK18.05; 17.98; 17.91
Accessrestriction: subscription necessary
Levelpopular; undergraduate; professional
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