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Title[Shakespeare, William] The Ultimate Free Shakespeare Resource
Author[Reviewer] Battista, Denise <>, [Reviewer] López-Morillas, Julian <>, [Reviewer] Kraft, Barry
Editor[Founder] Severdia, Ron <>, [Editor-in-Chief] Battista, Denise <>
Country (State)United States of America
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KeywordsWilliam Shakespeare; Festival; plays; theatre; theater; reviews; concordance
DescriptionThe website joins Shakespeare and technology, including all of Shakespeare's plays, sonnets and poems for free on the internet. The text can be freely used without copyright or royalty fees for study, research and performance. used the First Folio of 1623 (and Quartos where applicable) and the Globe Edition of 1866 as sources for the texts on this site.The website features a user-friendly approach to the text, including an inline glossary. Scroll over an arcane or confusing word and a box pops up for easy reference of characters, locations and terminology. Additionally, on you can find Shakespeare's text with indentation. Other features on the website include ongoing reviews of Shakespeare productions on stage and screen by a network of critics; a Links page showcasing the largest and most comprehensive up-to-date list of U.S. and International Shakespeare companies, festivals and organizations, plus a monologue search site and resource site for teachers and students; a discussion forum; and a Facts page that includes Shakespeare's biography and play chronology.
Source TypeAuthor-Specific Sites; Primary Texts; Secondary Texts; (Collections of) Pictures, Photos
Subject ClassEnglish Literature: Author and Work: Drama; English Literature: Author and Work: Poetry
GOKIA 663; IA 664; IA 661; IA 662
BK18.05; 17.97
Course of publication20071023
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