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TitleBodleian Library: Western manuscripts to c.1500
PublisherBodleian Library - University of Oxford: Oxford, UK <> <>
LanguageEnglish; Latin
Country (State)United Kingdom (UK)
Format of datatext/html; image/jpeg
KeywordsOld English; Middle English; medieval; manuscripts; facsimiles; images; catalogue; augustine; soliloquies; sermon; psalter;
Description"This is the home page for pre-c. 1500 western manuscripts, which form one part of the Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts at the Bodleian Library. Since the 'c. 1500' date is an arbitary dividing-line, these pages encompass many post-c. 1500 items which are nonetheless medieval/renaissance in character, such as 16th century illuminated and liturgical manuscripts, pre-dissolution English monastic works; etc. This page provides links to information both about the manuscript collections themselves, and links to information about other related resources available at the Bodleian."
The websites also makes a large number of images of the Library's medieval manuscripts available online which can be found, arranged by century and country, under the following link: <>
Source TypeLibraries
Subject ClassOld English Language and Literature; Middle English Language and Literature
GOKIAB 400; IAD 400
BK17.98; 18.05
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate - graduate; professional
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