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TitleLibels of Early Stuart England
An Edition of Poetry from Manuscript Sources
Editor[Editor] Bellany, Alastair <>
[Editor] McRae, Andrew <>
[Assistant Editor] O'Callaghan, Michelle <>
[Assistant Editor] Hammer, Paul E. J. <>
PublisherEarly Modern Literary Studies <> <>
Country (State)United States of America
Format of datatext/html; application/pdf
Keywordslibels; libel; ralegh; raleigh; essex; frances; satire; satirical; satirist; flyting; defamation; slander; defamatory; defame; slur; traduce; libellous; libelous; seventeenth century; jacobean; early modern; scottish; scots; satyr; andrew mcrae; alastair bellany; chris boswell; michelle o'callaghan; paul hammer; emls; early modern literary studies; libeller; libeler; scandal; controversy; parliament; fart; electronic text; o'callaghan; seventeenth-century; civil war; James I; Charles I; Prince Charles; Prince Henry; Spanish Infanta; Roos; Lake; Howard; spanish match; Buckingham; Villiers; Walter Ralegh; Gowrie; Gunpowder; Queen Elizabeth; King James; VI and I; (VI)I; Henry; Stuart; Stewart; Exeter University; Rutgers University; manuscript; research; ICT; castlehaven; knighthood; scandal; devereux; essex; Elizabethan; oxford; wriothsley; southampton; buckingham; villiers; political satire; political libel; Edward Coke; 17C; spanish match; gondomar; 1612; 1614; 1620; 1621; 1625; 1628; 1626; 1603; 1639; 1640; political poetry; Inns of Court; Star Chamber; Francis Bacon; royal proclamation; answer poem; civil war; Bishops' Wars; Thomas Wentworth; Earl of Strafford
Description"'Early Stuart Libels' is a web-based edition of early seventeenth-century political poetry from manuscript sources. It brings into the public domain over 350 poems, many of which have never before been published. Though most of the texts are poems of satire and invective, others take the form of anti-libels, responding to libellers with orthodox panegyric. These poems throw new light on literary and political culture in England in the decades from the accession of King James I to the outbreak of the English Civil War."
Source Type(Current) Research Projects
Subject ClassEnglish Literature: Literary Criticism: Poetry; English Literature: Literary Criticism: Literature on Specific Subjects
GOKIA 531; IA 549
BK17.83; 17.84
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate - graduate
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