Metadata: Beowulf: A New Translation For Oral Delivery

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TitleBeowulf: A New Translation For Oral Delivery
Author[Author] Ringler, Dick <>
PublisherUniversity of Wisconsin Digital Collections - University of Wisconsin: Madison, US (WI) <>
Country (State)United States of America
Format of dataaudio/basic
KeywordsBeowulf; Old English; poem; epic; translation; Anglo-Saxon literature; Anglo-Saxon; Nowell Codex; Grendel; Geats
Description"Beowulf is the oldest narrative poem in the English language, embodying historical traditions that go back to actual events and personages in fifth- and sixth-century Scandinavia. The translation on this website is intended for "oral delivery," that is, to be read or recited aloud. Accordingly this work includes an audio stream in which the translator provides a reading of his version of the poem. This reading is meant to model metrical and rhetorical features of the translation, not to lay down the law about how it should be 'performed'."
Source TypeLibraries
Subject ClassOld English Language and Literature
GOKIAB 620; IAB 533
BK17.81; 18.05
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelundergraduate - graduate
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