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Title[Dickens, Charles] Charles Dickens: The Life of the Author
AuthorBenson, Kenneth
PublisherNew York Public Library - Stephen A. Schwarzman Building: New York, US (NY) <>
Country (State)United States of America
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KeywordsCharles Dickens; English novelist; Victorian Era; biography; The Pickwick Papers; A Christmas Carol; Oliver Twist; Nicholas Nickleby; A Tale of Two Cities; Great Expectations; The Mystery of Edwin Drood; No Thoroughfare
Description"In this presentation, The New York Public Library's Kenneth Benson surveys the life and works of the most beloved author of the Victorian era. Readers will follow Dickens through his childhood, exploring how his writings were both influenced by and reflected his family history and the wider currents of Victorian society. Overcoming the hardships of his youth, he launched his literary career in the 1830s, and his rise was meteoric. This presentation traces the course of Dickens's ever-increasing fame, from the humorous hijinks of the early Pickwick Papers to the artistic mastery of the great novels of the 1850s and 60s."
Source TypeLibraries
Subject ClassEnglish Literature: Author and Work: Life and Work; English Literature: Author and Work: Biographies
GOKIA 620; IA 630
Accessfree; no restriction
Levelpopular - undergraduate
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