Anglistik Guide:
English Language and Literature in Asia and Oceania (5 records)

excellent 1. The Anglo-Indian Wallah (AIW) (SUB)
Subject Class English Literature: Anthologies; IBR 400; English Literature: Anthologies: Prose; IBJ 435; IA 521; IBJ 521
Source Type Journals
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good 2. Kritika Kultura (SUB)
Subject Class IBR 521; IBR 520
Source Type Journals
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excellent 3. The Literature, Culture, and Society of Singapore (SUB)
Subject Class IBR 500; IBR 620; IBR 400
Source Type Special Subject Virtual Library; Primary Texts; Secondary Texts
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fair 4. Philippine Folk Literature (SUB)
Subject Class IBR 446
Source Type Primary Texts
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excellent 5. The Poetry House (SUB)
Subject Class IA 432; IAF 432; IAH 432; IAJ 432; IBB 432; IBG 432; IBJ 432; IBM 432; IBR 432; IC 432
Source Type Virtual Libraries; Teaching Materials
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