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  1. [Beckett, Samuel] The Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources and Links Page
  2. [Beckett, Samuel] The Samuel Beckett Endpage
  3. [Dillon, Ellis] The Eilís Dillon Irish Writing Pages
  4. [Friel, Brian] Brian Friel
  5. [Heaney, Seamus] Seamus Heaney - Cover Page
  6. [Joyce, James] A James Joyce Bibliography
  7. [Joyce, James] Flying By the Net: James Joyce in Cyberspace
  8. [Joyce, James] Hypermedia Joyce Studies
  9. [Joyce, James] IQ Infinity: the unknown James Joyce
  10. [Joyce, James] James Joyce Webring
  11. [Murdoch, Iris] Iris Murdoch Internet Resources
  12. [Sterne, Laurence] Laurence Sterne (1713-1768): Selected Bibliography
  13. [Swift, Jonathan] Jonathan Swift (1667-1745): Selected Bibliography
  14. [Wilde, Oscar] Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
  15. [Yeats, William Butler] William Butler Yeats
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