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You are very welcome to contribute to the growth of Anglistik Guide. Every contribution will be reviewed and considered. You do not have to get acquainted with the specific database system underlying the guide. You can also choose to provide the editors with information on interesting resources, for example by passing on URLs. There are three different options for your input.

  1. Simple Notification Form:
    If you want to direct the editors of Anglistik Guide to interesting resources, you can fill in this simple notification form. It asks for the URL and a short description of the resource you recommend. We encourage authors and editors of resources to notify us about their projects.

  2. [registered project partners only]:
    For official partners and affiliates (such as other special subject collections libraries), there is a full-scale entry form, which includes all categories of Anglistik Guide's metadata template.

  3. E-mail Notification:
    To provide comments or critique you can mail a message to the guide,
    c/o Dorothee Schuller <schuller@sub.uni-goettingen.de> (Special Subject Librarian).

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